Dog Bathing, Grooming and Trimming




The process starts by giving your dog a thorough bath using high quality shampoos and conditioners which also covers flea treatment if required. 

This is followed by your dog being dried initially to remove excess water, then dried using one/or a combination of drying procedures using warm air driers.  The process used is to ensure it is the one that your Dog is most happy with.
The bathing is then followed by a thorough grooming to ensure removal of loose hair and that all knots and tangles etc. are removed.
The trimming process of which there are several on offer includes from hand stripping, scissoring and/or clippers.  The process used can sometimes be dependent upon a particular breed.

This is followed by giving your dog the finishing touches to ensure the utmost customer satisfaction.

Also included in the above are the following (see more info on on Page 3):
  • Ear Care
  • Anal Glands
  • Nail Clipping
For the full grooming service you will be requested to leave your dog for about 2 hours.
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